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Dear Reader,

As Director of International Sales in 40 different countries. Experiencing what customers were looking for and how the films must perform on many fabrics were essential. The pioneering years and forwarding to today. Our company, Top Dog Film, Inc. learned what films were most important and how they must perform under unlimited conditions.

Today 99% of all the films are manufactured in South Asia and Europe. Our proprietary joint ventures allow us to be on the threshold of introducing new products and keeping in step with today’s Garment decorators.

We follow a 90% to 10% goal. Meaning 90% of what our customers require, can be found in our comprehensive product offering. So, we know for sure what you require, what disappointments you may have had and what your major concerns might be. All our films are made to our own specifications, and they are unique from anyone else in the Industry.

From the USA to other wonderful continents around the world. We have the privilege to offer our products and greatly appreciate your business. Heat Transfer Films business is a delicate science.

Our company mission is to stay in front and be sure we are always there for you. Goals you can achieve, endless possibilities and opportunities you can have, these are called Results™.

Mr. David A. La Vita, President.

2009. Founder and serves on the Board of Directors as their President. Organizing, and managing the sales for the Top Dog Film distribution network. For the past 31 years, Mr. La Vita held key Executive Positions at companies focused in the Digital Sign, Garment personalization, robotic vinyl cutters, laser engraving/cutting and Promotional Products. Specializing in new product development and building strategic alliances throughout the world.


As Founder for Top Dog Film. Introduced 2nd and 3rd generation printable 100% Polyurethane heat transfer films for digital printers using Solvent, Resin, UV, and Latex ink. Continue to offer new products to an ever growing Distribution Network.


Top Dog Film is incorporated. Registering 4 trademark names, logos, and technological advancements.


Introduced 2 new products. Results™ Dye-Block FLEX and Results™ Dye-Block PRINT.


Introduced Results™ Glitter PRINT Silver introduction. First flexible, printable glitter film for dance, cheerleading, and trendy fabric decoration


Introduced Results™ Econo CUT™, the best affordable 130 Micron heat transfer film for sportswear lettering, numbers, and logos. A new benchmark for speed weeding, and application.


Introduced a new line of Films to the Results™ Product Line. WIZ Kut, Classic Print Opaque. Results™ METAL, and Glitter Cut. Now offering the most Comprehensive Line of Heat Transfer Films in the Market. Introduced, Results™ Heat Press. Our 16” x 20” workhorse priced very affordable with a stand for the USA Market. Introduced, Results™ IMPACT Foils. Enhancing Econo CUT™ FILM transfers. Unlimited decorating opportunities in just 15 seconds. New Results™ Product Catalog and New Website with updated information and new products.

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