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Results™ Glitter CUT

GLITTER CUT HEAT TRANSFER VINYL Highly Fashionable Glitter film that is the easiest to weed Glitter, Guaranteed!

About Glitter CUT

Glitter Cut utilizes a pressure sensitive clear liner that enables small to large letters, logos, or number design. Never worry about weeding issues or losing and important piece of your work. Embedded with high quality polyester flakes gives Glitter Cut maximum illumination. Eliminated is the flaking, peeling, or cracking issues that you see in poorly constructed glitter films. Easy to cut & easy to weed 320 Micron film. Results™ Glitter Cut is durable. Perfect for a that full season of cheerleading, dance or if you are just looking for the ultimate in Bling and Swing. Recommended for Cottons, 50/50’, Polyesters, Acrylic, Lycra and more.


  1. Cut Job in reverse.

  2. Weed the excess film media away from image.

  3. Pre-heat garment 2 to 3 seconds.

  4. Position film where desired.

  5. Heat Press at 305°F 8-10 seconds. Med. pressure (psi 60)

  6. Hot/Warm Peel.

Available Colors

Results GlitterCUT

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