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Results® KWIK-ADH

Edge to edge excitement for short and long term fabric decoration. NEW KWIK-ADH heat transfer foil adhesive gives you that edge you have been looking for!

About Results® KWIK-ADH

Take fabric decoration to the limit with KWIK-ADH and Results® Impact Textile Foil! Our NEW KWIK-ADH heat transfer foil adhesive gives you the edge over all other adhesives. Letters, logos, numbers are simply cut in reverse and then easily weed away what you do not need. You will be amazed at how KWIK-ADH is so exceptionally fun to work with. “You could do it with your eyes closed”. KWIK-ADH is only 45-microns thin, designed to be as light as possible and give as much stretch and rebound as capable with foils. Place FLAT on top KWIK-ADH, our Results® iMPACT Textile Foil or crunch it for a distressed look. The opportunities are really endless with Results® KWIK-ADH and iMPACT Textile Foils. Results® iMPACT Textile Foils have 28 stocking awesome colors and patterns. More foils available special order.

KWIK-ADH Product Advantages

Easy to design and so Easy to cut Weeding is the easiest in the market Thickness is 45 Microns flexible Wash ability: 50+ Cold wash and dry cycles Keeps a soft stretchable hand on the fabric. 12”, 20, & 40 inches wide are available. Fabrics: Cotton, polyesters, cotton/poly blends.


1.Design job and cut KWIK-ADH in reverse. 2.Weed away excess material. 3.Pre-heat 2 seconds to flatten fabric. 4.Lay adhesive side flat on heat press, use cover sheet. 5.Tack apply at 300°F for 5 seconds 6.Peel Warm/Hot to expose adhesive. 7.Lay the foil shiny/color side up. Flat for 100% edge to edge coverage. 8.OPTIONAL STEP – Crunch for a distressed look. 9.Heat apply firm pressure with cover sheet 300°F for 15-20 seconds 10.Peel away when cooled. (COLD PEEL ONLY) Note: Turn it up!. From a distressed look. Come back with another foil color and lay it flat to fill in the open areas that only show the adhesive. Just follow step 9 and 10 again.


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