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Results®, is the NEXT Generation of Heat Transfer Vinyl Films. Results HTV Inc. is one of the most influential and new product development companies in the garment decoration business. Our roots started in Year 1985. Our Boston based HTD, Inc., team introduced one of the first Computer Assisted Signamking systems. The same team concept thrives today working with our manufacturing group to bring you the best products for any type of fabric personalization.

We invite to you look through our new 2020 catalog and see the innovative products we offer that nobody else does. That is correct; Nobody. Customers buy Results®, because we keep fabric decoration simple, affordable and fun. All our films are easy to cut, weed and heat apply at a low temperature of 300°F or less. Every film can be multi-layered with one another. Many films can be cut with a laser, and all our films are durable and safe for everyone to wear.

Brand names you can depend on. All our products have registered trademark names. Do not get fooled by “me too” films. Our performance on fabric, comfort, look and durability are proven. Try any of our Results® vinyl film products just once. You will be amazingly surprised how nice they are.

After all, what is About Us, without you?

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